Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We are going to replaced

I just realized that our days as partners to the opposite sex are numbered. After reading a report from the Adult Video National Convention, on a news site not on a porn site so don't even. A sex doll with AI is on its way, she can be manipulated visually and will say what she is pre-programed to be pleasurable for you (a male doll will be available soon). Come on, as if we don't have enough to deal in life as a human.

I feel like this doll will be the Terminator of sex. It doesn't get tired, it doesn't say no, it never gets a headache, it doesn't feel pain, it doesn't need sleep it has one purpose and one purpose only please their owner.

At some point is there going to be a pleasure model of a trash compactor and which hole is appropriate for use? I mean are going to see headlines "Man dies today in a tragic blender accident when pleasure bot turned to frappe," is this the future?

Is porn and technology messing with our brains? Have we forgotten to embrace and love the disagreements and fights because in relationships there is a great deal WORK to become symbiants? Can a man or woman be replace by a system of requested responses? Could you marry a robot, how would those wedding photos look?

Okay so how is the related to Datingish, well simple...soon we will have a site botingish on how the manufacturers of dude/fem bots are poorly designed. But really, we won't have what is that is a part of the "human condition" we won't worry about others because our lives will be completely self-sufficient from other humans. Finally, in all honesty it is hope that one day we will put down anything that comes with batteries and pick a box of condoms for some sweaty, messy, and human contact.



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